Pack 16’s Annual Blue and Gold Banquet and Awards Ceremony

is usually in February at  The Hanover Manor, 16 Eagle Rock Avenue, East Hanover, NJ

The Blue and Gold Banquet is the highlight of the year. It is the big stage at which we advance all the boys who have completed their rank requirements. For the younger Scouts it also serves as inspiration to continue to work hard and motivates them to reach the highest level in Scouting.

  1. As Cub Scouting is so much a family endeavor we always ask one of the Scouts Akela’s to come to the front of the room with him when he receives his Rank Badge. As our Dens are very large and space is limited I ask that only one of you come forward with him. Try to choose the one who does most of his Scouting with him. Making this decision ahead of time will help to avoid confusion and save time which is critical.
  2. Seating selection is first come first serve so please plan to arrive early with your entire party. Tables will be set for 12 and we must fill tables. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated.
  3. As stated, time is critical. We have a very full agenda this year and must make the best use of our time. As with all of our meetings we will start on time at 1:00 sharp. The boys have worked hard on the opening flags ceremony to make it special. That said if you do come in late, and the flag ceremony is underway, please wait quietly outside as not to interrupt. Punctuality is a choice, please choose to be on time. I’d love to see everyone in their seats by 12:55 latest.
  4. We will have pride ribbons and patches on sale so please plan to bring some cash.
  5. Boys should be in Full Class A uniforms. This includes NO SNEAKERS. Neckerchief, slide, cap.  No event patches.  Dark shoes.  No sneakers unless they’re black. 
  6. Denners should ideally arrive by 12:15 to rehearse the ceremony and help with set-up.  Everyone else should arrive by no later than 1pm.