Cub Scout Ranks

For those who are new to Scouting as well as those who need a quick refresher, the different levels of the Cub Scout experience are:

  1. Bobcats – All new Cub Scouts regardless of when they join the program must earn the rank of Bobcat first. They must learn and be able to repeat by memory the eight fundamentals of Cub Scouting including The Oath and Law.
  2. Tiger– First Grade Cub Scouts.
  3. Wolf – Second Grade Cub Scouts.
  4. Bear – Third Grade Cub Scouts.
  5. Webelos – Fourth Grade Cub Scouts.
  6. Arrow of Light – Fifth Grade Cub Scouts. The highest rank a Cub Scout can achieve. A high level of dedication is required to fulfill the requirements for this honor.

There are Scout Handbooks for each rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos/ Arrow of Light. The handbooks contain information about the various achievements and activities for each rank. Each Cub Scout should have his own handbook. Each parent is expected to familiarize themselves with the handbook. Please review the first section in each Cub Scout rank’s handbook that deals with Youth Protection.

Cub Scouting Awards

During your sons Tenure as a scout, he will have many opportunities to earn various recognitions. In addition to Rank Advancements. Please keep in mind that earning achievements is not a contest. It’s an opportunity for a boy to experience many levels of personal growth. Cub Scouting as you know should be “FUN” but with a purpose. Awards are designed to be both fun and educational..
Most importantly, we teach our boys to set a goal and work towards achieving the goal: rewards are then attained for completing the goal. This in itself teaches them about life. As we all know in life there are no Gimmie’s and we must work hard to succeed. Completing a goal also means making your son responsible for carefully preparing all required documentation.
Cub Scouting provide countless ways for a boy to earn recognitions. Although boys join scouting for various reasons, his first goal should be to earn rank. Once he has done so, work with him to explore what types of scouting activities interest him most. Have him set achievement goals based on those interests and encourage him to explore some that may be new to him. Work with your son to teach him how to develop an achievable plan towards success.
Once a plan has been put in place, help him when necessary to complete each step. Have fun doing it with him. Celebrate each milestone and encourage him to challenge himself to DO HIS BEST. You will see self-confidence building as he learns and achieves more.
When your son has completed all of the steps and requirements to achieve his goal make him responsible for completing all of the required documentation and alert his Den Leader. Help him to do this when necessary. Each recognition’s requirement is different so work with him to understand fully what validation is needed.
Once your son has achieved his goal, you will see how proud he is of himself. He has put a lot of effort into his accomplishment and that makes achieving it special. Make sure to attend the Pack Meetings so that you can be a part of every success. You will quickly see your son growing into a responsible hard working citizen with a high level of values and self-confidence.