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What’s it all about?

GBH Trail Program

BSA program sponsored by the New Birth of Freedom Council, the National Park Service and Gettysburg National Military Park/Eisenhower National Historic Site.

The purpose is to teach scouts about the battle of Gettysburg, the men who fought in it and the history of the town.

What’s involved?

The Completion of Five Key Segments

Visitor Center/National Cemetery

  • Tour the museum and experience the movie and cyclorama
  • Tour the National Cemetery
  • 4-mile hike to cover key points of the Confederate battle line

Eisenhower National Historical Site

  • Tour the farm and house
  • 10-mile hike to cover key points of the Union battle line

The Historic Gettysburg Trail

  • 3-mile walking tour to cover key point of interest around the town

Question and answer exercises in the program guide

What you will earn…

  • One patch for each of five segments completed
  • Medal after the completion of ALL segments

Important notes:

  • Due to the physical nature of these hikes, this trip is recommended for Bear rank (3rd grade) and above
  • Initially registration will be limited to one Scout and one parent. If we have room, registration will be opened-up to additional family members.
  • Registration cost will be determined by the number of participants (typically ~$70)
  • Registration will cover: Tickets, tour guide, awards, program guide
  • The Pack will reserve a block of rooms, however YOU will pay directly. It is recommended that you stay BOTH Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Families will provide their own meals and snacks