Popcorn 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another year of fundraising through Popcorn has begun.  You experienced our Popcorn Kick Off at our first 2015 annual Pack meeting and should be roughly aware of our fund raising program and what makes it so important.  Here are the plain facts and documents to help you through our program and make it easy to sell popcorn:

  1. Use the link to the right to use the updated and final electronic spreadsheet (Take order Sheet 2015) you must use to transfer the information from your handwritten, hard copy forms. This calculates prices and popcorn quantities, and is easier to use – without barcodes. There are two tabs – one for popcorn, including a spot to enter the revenue you have generated from any online sales – and another for you to select your prizes! Please save your spreadsheets with your Scouts’ first and last name.Please remember, do not include any Blitz, Show N’ Sell, or Take N’ Sell popcorn or revenue in your Take Order spreadsheet. Again – the spreadsheet is for Take Orders ONLY, and for listing how much revenue your Scout may have generated in online sales. (Your online sales are personal to you and your online account. Only YOU can log in and see the amount you generated. Only YOU can list that revenue amount on your Take Order spreadsheet in the box allotted!)

    You DO NOT need to print the spreadsheet! You can do so if you want, to make it easier for you to read and follow when it comes time to deliver your popcorn. It is an extra tool for you; otherwise, use your handwritten forms. If you have any questions, please forward them to your Den Leaders immediately so they can be answered.

  1. Please download and print our Popcorn Products flyer. This too can be printed on legal sized paper.  Make sure to keep this with your order form and show it to everyone to whom you are selling!  Make sure you and your Scout know our product and what they cost!
  1. Go online to http://sell.trails-end.com in order to create an account to sell online. You’ll also be able to download a toolkit, reference material, door hanger templates for leave behinds when selling door to door, “Thank You” card templates, banners, and more.
  1. Open a Square account to accept credit cards for your orders. The process is simple and is outlined in our separate document for Square Credit Card processing.

Please remember that 10/3 and 10/4 are VERY important dates for our BLITZ and SHOW n’ SELL activities!  Keep these dates open and attend for fun and popcorn!

Yours In The Fellowship Of Scouting,
Pack 16 Popcorn Kernel
Scott Kuperman
(973) 336 – 4911 | sckuperman@yahoo.com